BPI Sports Best Creatine Defined Lean Muscle Hardening Agent, High Performance Monohydrate Powder, Sour Candy, 10.58 Ounce

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BEST CREATINE DEFINED is the next evolution in creatine. Gone are the days where “bulking” and “cutting” are your only two options; now you can do both. BEST CREATINE DEFINED helps increase strength and muscle definition, while also improving your overall body composition. Creatine is one of the most popular and researched ingredients in sports

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DEFINED is the next evolution in . Gone are the days where “bulking” and “cutting” are your only two options; now you can do both. BEST DEFINED helps increase strength and definition, while also improving your overall body composition. is one of the most popular and researched ingredients in nutrition. It has been clinically proven to help improve , strength and energy. BEST DEFINED combines six advanced forms of with nutrient partitioning agents, so you reap the benefits throughout your gym session and beyond. How? This unique blend helps shuttle much needed nutrients into your muscles during your workouts to provide more cellular energy and output, thus preventing them from being stored as fat. It can also increase cellular volumization, giving you a full, filled, harder look instead of looking “flat” and “depleted”. In addition, BEST DEFINED was specifically formulated to prevent water bloat and the need for a loading phase. To round out this all-inclusive formula, betaine anhydrous is added to help you boost strength and power in the gym. It has been clinically shown that betaine and work together to elevate your training and promote lean muscle gains.

Product Features

  • Lean Muscle Hardening – BEST CREATINE DEFINED combines the powerful effects of six advanced forms of creatine with betaine anhydrous to help boost performance, leading to lean muscle definition and a chiseled physique.
  • Defining & Volumizing Partitioner – First ever creatine-based product with nutrient partitioning agents to help push nutrients into the muscle. This prevents nutrients from being stored as body fat and increases cell volumization, for a full, hard look.
  • BEST CREATINE DEFINED helps facilitate energy production and provide lean, hard muscle. By combining three products into one, BEST CREATINE DEFINED not only helps with performance, strength and power, but also helps you achieve your peak physique.
  • BEST CREATINE DEFINED uses a unique blend of six different forms of creatine to prevent unwanted bloat and “puffiness”. Each creatine used has its own unique benefits and absorption rate, which prevents the need for a “loading phase.”


Amazon Customer says:

This stuff is amazing After using creatines for about two years now, this has been the most effective. I’ve seen significant strength gains and noticed I’m pushing more veins and achieving a “harder” muscle look. Meaning I look filled out. The best part is no bloating and not using the bathroom every 20 minutes. The flavor is out standing (sour candy) and would recommend to anyone looking to get to the next level in the gym

Adam says:

Best of the Best To completely honest I have always heard mixed reviews about “Creatine” and the use of it. Whether I have been told it’s bad for you, you don’t need it or even that’s it’s the best thing to add to your supplement stack. Regardless I feel if you don’t try it yourself then you have no room to talk. Soo I decided to give BPI Best Creatine Defined a go and let me tell you I have nothing but POSITIVE words to say about this product and the company behind it.First let me start by…

Amazon Customer says:

Defined I Iove this formula, normally not big on creatine because of the water retention but I tried this from a scoop a friend told me to try and the taste is great! there was no bloating, so i decided to pick up my own. Very well made product.

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