Nature Made L-Lysine 500 mg Tablets (Amino Acid) 100 Ct

May 1, 2018 - Comment

Nature made lysine 500 mg. 3-Pack/100-Count. Product Features L-Lysine, an essential amino acid, plays a key role in the makeup of body proteins. No Color Added No Artificial Flavors No Preservatives No Yeast

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Nature made lysine 500 mg. 3-Pack/100-.



Kindle Customer says:

This is the only brand, for me, that … This is the only brand, for me, that actually prevents cold sores and canker sores. Once you get your levels up to normal you only need to take it about once a week to maintain the effect. I had not had a canker sore in years until I bought a different brand. Never again! Once I returned to Nature Made the sores were gone and have not returned.

Alice Yanes says:

Good dietary supplement. It appears to be working as promised.

Sara D. says:

Five Stars Great product.

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