NOW L-Carnitine 250 mg Tartrate-L-Carnipure, 60 Capsules

April 20, 2018 - Comment

NOW Foods L-carnitine 250mg Product Features Transports Fatty Acids Boosts cellular energy A dietary supplement

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NOW Foods L-carnitine 250mg

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Rae says:

Excellent 250mg Capsule Formulation Suitable To Split For Pets This is the best formulation I’ve found for thyroid suppression (via binding) in a cat. L-Carnitine is known to be useful in binding thyroid hormone and, with supervision of a veterinarian and liberal blood testing (the same testing that must be done with use of prescription thyroid suppression methods to monitor the decline of T4 levels), this has been very successful in lowering levels in animals with milder hyperthyroidism. The problem, however, is finding a dose that will work for a small…

Kauai Kittens and More Rescue says:

Seems to help energy NOW brand seems to have quality products, I use many of the supplements they offer. I use this for myself to try to boost energy and loose weight, I do feel more energy. I take pill in the am. I also add small amount to my homemade dog food to help add energy and use fats appropriately.

JAVA49 says:

A must have in your supplement arsenal:) Another quality now product. It’s a good supplement to add to your workout stack. Helps metabolize fat and doesn’t leave you feeling weird like most fat burning supplements. Take it with a strong cup of coffee and you’ve got yourself a good fat burning/pre workout stack.

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